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Other alternative therapies

The NeuroEspinal Institute of Broward takes pride in offering a variety of alternative therapies for pain management and overall health promotion. These therapies focus on treating not only the site of pain but also its underlying causes..

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Among the alternative therapies they offer are regenerative medicine and cryotherapy. Regenerative medicine uses innovative technologies, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and alternative cell treatments, to help the body repair and recover.

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On the other hand, cryotherapy is a treatment that uses extremely low temperatures to relieve pain and inflammation, and promote healing. The team at the Broward Neurospinal Institute is committed to patient-centered care and uses the most advanced technologies available to ensure safe and effective care.

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The Neurospinal Institute of Broward offers personalized weight loss therapy, hormone replacement therapy to balance hormone levels, and infrared light therapy to promote healing. These services focus on the patient’s total well-being and use scientifically proven approaches.