Dr. Darram Hamm

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Dr. Darran Hamm,  is a Restorative Medicine Pain Management Specialist and the clinic director at NeuroSpinal Institute of Broward, a leading center for healing and recovery located in Weston, Florida.

 In 2004, Dr. Hamm obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. 

 Prior to that, he completed a Bachelor of Science at the University Of Saskatchewan (USask) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the University Of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

 A dedicated and experienced chiropractor and healthcare professional passionate about medicine, spinal health, and holistic wellness, Dr. Hamm now has over two decades of expertise in clinical management, patient care, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dedicated Expert Innovative

He has exceptional leadership skills, serving the community as a practitioner, clinic director, and owner, specializing in nonsurgical spine treatments, restorative medicine, and cryotherapy. He is committed to providing exceptional patient care and wellness. He is continuously advancing in chiropractic, orthopedic applications, and alternative therapies.

 Dr. Hamm welcomes in patients who have knee, back, and joint pain. He also treats a broad variety of painful conditions like headaches, chronic pain syndromes, disc herniations, stenosis, and sciatica.

 Whether patients’ pain comes from chronic joint problems like arthritis, sports injuries, or something else, Dr. Hamm is dedicated to helping patients recover and continue living a life they love.