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Seven Ultra Effective Back Exercises to Reduce/Eliminate Back Pain

Most often people who suffer from chronic low back pain, typically results from an injury or something as simple as bad posture to a sedentary lifestyle.

For most of us, the agonizing low back pain can be irritating and finding a home remedy can be as simple as doing a few quick moves daily. With only a few minutes doing each pose, it may help keep the low back pain at bay. Although, everyone suffering from low back varies from case, it’s important to consult a doctor for proper treatment. For those who have minor back pain, these 7 ultra effective exercises for low back will help you get through the day.


Last But Not Least...

Foundation Training

The Founder from Dr. Eric Goodman. A great exercise that can be done anywhere. This exercise helps to Decompress the spine and relieve excess strain and pressure. Follow the video Tutorial and you will not be sorry!

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