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Back Saving Tips while working from Home!

Back Saving Tips While Working From Home!!

CREATE A FUNCTIONAL SPACE Ergonomics first If possible set up your work space with your monitor eye level or just below. ( Laptop users use an attached keyboard and mouse to make this happen). Find the best chair in the house. Make sure you have adequate leg room.

STRETCH Get up every 25 minutes to move. The longer we sit the more fatigued our bodies and our brain gets. Get up and stretch. Do some shoulder shrugs to lessen your neck tension. Check out the Founder demonstration here LINK

STAND UP!! #1 Life Hack for working at Home This is the best possible solution to help with back pain. Have the option to stand up and work. You now can alternate between sitting and standing ,making your back pain much more manageable.

BALANCE BALL AT HOME? Make it your new chair Sitting on a balance ball induces movement into your spine keeping it healthier and pushing out unwanted inflammation. It is almost impossible to slouch on a ball. Try it and see!

WALK, WALK, WALK Remember Movement is the KEY! Walk, move, stretch. Get the blood flowing and your spine moving. The more we move the better we are. Take a break to get up and move. Tip: drink 8oz of water and hour. You will have to get up more often just to go to the restroom and you're now more hydrated!

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